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#4   Andrey AphonineMail22.10.2016 - 20:55
I collect noused stamps on topics "BIRDS", "WWF", "Marine Life", ''OLYMPIC GAMES MOSCOW-80''
I can propose for exchange: stamps of the USSR and other countries on any topics, miniature sheets in low edition, First Day Covers (FDC), postcards, covers with cancellations on any topics, covers with cancellations a ships and atom ice breakers of the Murmansk Shipping Co., covers with cancellations Polar Stations, Nord Pole and Antarctic stations and Expeditions in Arctic Region and Antarctic Continent, covers with cancellations on topic “Cosmos”.

#3   BalasubramanianeMail08.08.2015 - 05:58
My name is Balasubramanian.I am an Indian citizen and am 62 years old.I am Interested to swap philatelic and numismatic materials with friends world wide.Please write if interested.My email

#2   CESAR PEREZ DIOSESeMail03.02.2015 - 01:34
I am CESAR from Perú, I am 54 years old and I am a Teacher, I want to exchange stamps, covers , FDc, postmarks. please write to my e-mail:
best regards

#1   Imran KhalideMailHomepage09.11.2014 - 18:51
Hi, I'm a Scout leader and collecting stamps/FDC etc on "Scouting" from all around the world. Please, any one can help me in this regard. In return I can offer mint/used stamps from Pakistan.

(4 Entries in total )

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